License plates, United States: We requested Kosovo for a complete and not a partial delay

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The United States of America has reacted to the Kosovo government’s decision on the subject of license plates, which imposes fines on individuals who do not switch their license plates by November 21.

Price, the spokeswoman for the State Department, reiterated that the United States is disappointed and worried that the government of Kosovo ignored the request and advise of its closest allies.

“We have made it plain, both publicly and privately, that the international community, including the United States, demands a total postponement. We are not requesting a partial delay, nor are we requesting a gradual implementation. The international community has requested a total postponement from the Kosovo government, Price stated, adding that conversations with regional parties and the European Union are ongoing.

Price adds that the United States and international community requested a 10-month deferral, not a partial postponement, of Kosovo’s decision on the changing of license plates.