Kosovo, 150 EUR fine on old vehicle license plates

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Citizens who drive in Kosovo with outdated Serbian license plates will be penalized with a fine of 150 euros. The news came directly from the Ministry of the Interior.

From the 21st of November until the 21st of January, the punitive action will be implemented, whereas in the beginning of November, a warning will be issued to anybody who does not replace their old license plates. The last phase of the decision, which involves the issuing of provisional license plates, will continue until April 21, at which point it is anticipated that Serbia will no longer issue old license plates in Kosovo.

The director of the Serbian government’s Kosovo office, Petar Petkovic, described this move as “illegal and brutal.” He asserted, “The primary objective is the removal of Serbs from Kosovo.” The internationals, who favored a 10-month extension of the deadline, have also expressed their displeasure with Kurti’s decision.