NATO softens Vucic’s rhetoric

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After the threats, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic toned down his rhetoric against Kosovo. During a meeting with the chairman of the NATO military committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, in Belgrade, he spoke of peace, whereas a few hours earlier he had threatened to block the northern portion of Kosovo if Prishtina continued with its plan to seize vehicles with expired license plates after October 31. Peace and tension reduction are essential duties for everyone of us. “Serbia is militarily neutral, but we will continue to work with NATO,” Vucic stated.

To prevent a scenario in which tensions reemerge, the United States of America repeated efforts for the Kosovo government to delay the deadline for the issuance of license plates. Jeffrey Hovenier, the U.S. ambassador to Pristina, and Derek Chollet, a State Department advisor, recommended that the judgment not be accompanied by confiscations or penalties. “It is essential to defer the adoption of the new license plate laws in order to minimize tensions. Hovenier added, “We also condemn actions of intimidation or vengeance against people who altered the license plates.”

The conversation with the DASH official was verified by Albin Kurti, the prime minister of Kosovo. However, he indicated that he will not delay the decision about license plates. Kurti stated, “Once again, we demonstrate that the rule of law goes hand in hand with peace, security, and democracy.”

Tensions are beginning to rise. For security considerations, Kosovo’s Deputy Prime Minister, Besnik Bislimi, was denied entry to Belgrade, where he was scheduled to attend an international conference. “This indicates to us that Serbia is not prepared for normalization,” “It is outrageous that a conference on the security of Serbia publicly admits individuals with criminal tendencies that jeopardize security, and I confess that the security measures for the attendees are inadequate,” he stated.

In northern Kosovo, the situation is much more volatile. A member of the Serbian community who was in possession of firearms, ammunition, cash, and hand grenades was apprehended during the last few days, and it was stated that automobiles had been set on fire.