EU issues 80 million euros, Rama: We need 6 times more for the energy crisis

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The European Union has set aside 80 million euros to help Albania deal with its energy crisis.

Even though he considered this a significant sum, Prime Minister Rama stated in a joint statement with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that Albania requires six times more money to avoid intervening in energy prices.

“80 million euros is not a small sum; it is significant. These, however, are a sixth of what we need.  This year, we needed a total of 460 million euros to keep energy prices at these levels. It is a staggering sum for the entirety of our budget, but it has also affected inflation.

“Albania currently has the lowest inflation in the region, and the main reason for inflation in the region is that we have a financial buffer for energy prices. If we had changed the price even slightly, it would have had an immediate impact on all families “Rama stated.