Albanian President decrees May 14th, 2023, as the date for next local elections

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Local elections will take place on May 14, 2023. This is what President Bajram Begaj decided, announcing the date of their development on Monday.

The President emphasizes that the period leading up to the elections is critical for “the successful conclusion of this democratic challenge for the institutions, political parties, and the entire Albanian society,” and that “it is time to demonstrate commitment and institutional cooperation, political maturity, and civic responsibility.”

The President advised all political parties to treat this anniversary with humility and respect for residents and political opponents alike. He further stressed that the Electoral Reform Commission has an obligation to expedite its work and resolve all issues raised by the OSCE/ODIHR report in a timely manner.

“The Head of State encourages voters not to disregard the civic obligation of being adequately informed about political options and using their right to vote without being swayed by interests that violate voting rights and free will. On this occasion, President Begaj recognizes the need of restoring political normalcy in local government and encourages political parties to enter these elections with serious and competitive political options that emphasize citizenship and the highest democratic principles “.