Rama on fiscal amnesty: We won’t leave our emigrants on the streets

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The fiscal amnesty launched by the government is an initiative that will go before the parliament, according to Prime Minister Edi Rama, but with a draft that will also receive preliminary approval from the international community.

“To international friends, international partners, international cynics, when they speak without any shame, judging all immigrants the same and calling our constitutional endeavor to legitimate 30 years of blood, sweat, and tears, as a dubious attempt to support, facilitate, and clean the proceeds of crime, is a true scandal,” Rama added.

“How many Albanians have gone to Great Britain, under a different name, as refugees from the war in Kosovo because they were in problems and needed a solution? How many years have they worked like that? Where will they take their savings? Of working without normal hours, in the black market, which Albanians the did not invent, but those who seek it and pay for it. We are not going to leave them on the street.”

“We’ll take care of everything that has to be done, including the amnesty. For this, we want to have a draft that is as mutually agreed upon as possible with our friends and allies because it’s not something we want to do in opposition to anyone else, but we must do it for our people.”