Former PM Mustafa: Kosovo needs to reach an agreement with Serbia

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Former Kosovo PM, Isa Mustafa, is no longer in charge of the LDK and has given few media interviews regarding current events in Kosovo.

However, he discussed extensively about the major topics in Tirana as well as Pristina as he is interviewed for the A2 CNN “Ditari”.

The speech that Prime Minister Edi Rama is anticipated to give in Strasbourg on the Resolution opposing Dick Marty’s report is imposed with an opinion by reality. “I think the agreement between the Assembly and Prime Minister Rama is a crucial step. According to Mustafa, “I think his speech will illustrate the truth regarding the KLA’s liberation war and the lies in Marty’s report.

Even though it appears that there is a growing level of international engagement, the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue is still at a phase where many things are still unknown.

“Kurti stated that dialogue is not a priority, but subsequently understood that it should be, that it is an international requirement, but even though Kosovo has to end the dialogue process with a final agreement that leads to mutual recognition, it appears to be a real commitment of France and Germany, but we know that there is no happy solution for Kosovo without the commitment of the United States.” The former Kosovar prime minister asserts, “I think they will commit themselves so that these two European countries are not left alone.

He believes that the parties, particularly Pristina, cannot hold out for very long. We run a lot of risk because Serbia is consolidating and gaining more and more backing from abroad. Serbia and its allies Russia stand to gain if this situation is prolonged. The timing is ideal because Russia’s influence in the area and the entire world is currently deteriorating.