Albanian PM Edi Rama at the CoE Assembly: Kosovo for Albania, like body and soul

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In his speech to the Council of Europe’s General Assembly in Strasbourg, France, Prime Minister Edi Rama compared the relationship between Kosovo and Albania to that between soul and body.

“Although the subject is tied to Albania like the soul and the body, I have not come to speak exclusively about Albania. This has to do with how a nation views its past and how that might affect how that nation develops in the future. In addition to courage, goodwill, and trust amongst states, turning a history of war into one of cooperation necessitates the collective courage of international institutions. If these institutions fail to uphold justice, the harm is severe and will undermine all of our efforts to erase a terrible chapter from our past and turn a new page “Rama said in his speech.

The Albanian PM requested assistance from the Council of Europe delegates in drafting a report debunking Dick Marty’s claims that the KLA’s leaders committed war crimes in Kosovo.