Albanian President convenes National Security Council over Iranian cyberattacks

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Albanian President Bajram Begaj convened a meeting of the National Security Council to review cyber attacks on our country, which occurred during the months of July but also subsequently, when various systems, such as the government portal e-Albania and the TIMS system at border crossings, were disrupted.

Our country has publicly blamed the Islamic Republic of Iran for these acts, and diplomatic relations with this country have been severed.

Lindita Nikolla, Speaker of the Assembly, Prime Minister Edi Rama, Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi, Minister of Justice Ulsi Manja, the director of the National Intelligence Service, and the General Director of the State Police will all be required to attend. Peleshi and Manja were reportedly represented by deputies, while Prime Minister Rama was present in the Presidency. Mirlinda Karçanaj, director of the National Intelligence Service Agency, is also present. There has been no confirmation that Begaj has invited opposition representatives.

The National Security Council serves as an advisory body to the President of the Republic in carrying out his constitutional rights and duties. Meetings are held behind closed doors, and no decisions are reached.

Experts from Microsoft and NATO also assisted our country in repelling cyber attacks. The government declared that the hackers’ purpose was to completely destroy Albanian digital networks, which they did not achieve. During the weeks following the attacks, hackers leaked important materials, including e-mails from the previous police director, Gledis Nano, and a list of persons suspected by the State Police for criminal activity.

Ritchie Torres, Robert Aderholt, Jim Himes, and Lisa Mc.Clain, co-chairs of the Albanian affairs group in the US Congress, have proposed a resolution condemning Iran’s cyber attacks on Albania.

Olta Xhaçka, Albania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, declared on social media that it is critical for Iran to account for the cyber assaults.

“Thank you to Congressmen Ritchie Torres, Robert Aderholt, Jim Himes, and Lisa Mc.Clain for submitting the resolution condemning cyber attacks on Albania.”