Rama replaces Deputy PM Ahmetaj with Energy Minister Balluku

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Edi Rama makes a government switch ten months into his third term. Arben Ahmetaj, the second in command at the Council of Ministers, was removed as Deputy Prime Minister, and his place was taken by Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Belinda Balluku.

Just a few hours after Ilir Meta handed over the office of President of the Republic to Bajram Begaj, the leader of the government did not break the practice of announcing cabinet changes via Twitter.

The Prime Minister’s signatures are dated July 24, when Arben Ahmetaj was most likely unaware of what was going on. Ahmetaj was sitting in the Deputy Prime Minister’s chair in Parliament during President Bajram Begaj’s swearing-in ceremony, but the preparations to continue the term appear to have been broken the next day.

The “earthquake” was dropped from the government’s priority list, to be replaced by EU integration. Zef Mazi experienced the same fate as Ahmetaj, who was unable to conduct any negotiations.

Edi Rama’s plans will need to be approved by the newly elected President, Bajram Begaj. On his first day of work, Begaj receives proposals for changes to the government cabinet on his desk, and he has 10 days to evaluate them, under the Constitution. Then it will be the turn of Parliament, where MPs will be unable to begin their vacation without first voting on dismissals and appointments.

Sali Berisha, the DP’s leader, issued a statement to the media in response to the dismissal of Arben Ahmetaj, the deputy prime minister.

Rama, according to Berisha, is attempting to hide mafia contracts with this maneuver. Rama is principally responsible for the incineration incident, according to Berisha.

He added that with this dismissal Rama is giving him the chance to leave the country. 

Ahmetaj’s dismissal, Vasili: In the Albanian Communist Party, they adorned their members one day before execution

Vice President of LSI Petrit Vasili discussed Arben Ahmetaj’s dismissal as Deputy Prime Minister on A2 CNN’s “Our Day.”

Vasili is surprised by Rama’s dismissal of Ahmetaj when he refers to him as successful, and even draws a connection to communism, while jokingly suggesting that Rama should resign as Prime Minister because he is also so successful.

“Ahmetaj has also served as Minister of Reconstruction, and at one point he was in charge of dealing with pandemic logistics issues.” He said that we handled the epidemic ten times better than Germany. How did he quit office as Prime Minister?!

Before they were shot, the Communist Party would occasionally decorate them.