Former President Meta goes back to the party he founded, SMI

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Ilir Meta walked straight to the headquarters of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) this morning after stepping down as President of the Republic, and it was from there that he addressed the media. He stated that he had received his SMI membership card.

Meta stated that today is a new day and that a new path begins. Meanwhile, he quickly criticized Rama’s government, as well as the DP’s former leader, Lulzim Basha.

“July 25 is a fresh day, a new dawn, and a new path. Today I came here since I was feeling nostalgic. I came because I am happy to have founded a political movement for integration in 2004 that is being kept captive by the SP.

I came here because not only am I proud of this political force for unlocking integration and providing stability to the country, but it also has merits for Albania receiving the candidate status and and the recommendation for EU accession negotiations.

The former DP leadership purposefully blocked the country, trapping the SMI as well, which became an unwitting attachment of Basha’s party, which had everything coordinated with Rama “Meta said.