Bajram Begaj takes oath as new President of Albania

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Bajram Begaj was officially sworn in as President of Albania ffor a five-year term. The constitutional oath was followed by the first words as President of the Republic. In a matter of minutes, the new president demonstrated to the audience the priorities of the new assignment, emphasizing his attitude toward the political class.

“I will carry out this task beyond the parties,” Begaj declared, “but I will not remain neutral towards anyone who contradicts this oath, toward anyone who puts political ambitions ahead of the interests of our Nation.”

The President said nothing about Kosovo before Parliament, instead focusing on the country’s European path. The wording employed in this case appears to have caused some confusion. “European Albania is Gjergj Kastrioti and Mother Teresa, Ismail Qemali and Fan Noli; it is the Albania of anti-fascist youth and December students,” Begaj remarked.

The presidential speech concluded sooner than expected, according to protocol. The president returned to his seat, but in the middle of the journey, he realized he hadn’t said hello to Edi Rama.

Lindita Nikolla, the Speaker of the Assembly, was also affected by emotions as she announced Begaj’s escorting without closing the plenary session. The first to realize was Edi Rama, who departed the hall, followed by the other MPs and guests of honor.

Lindita Nikolla, contrary to her announcement, accompanied Begaj to her office for the first coffee with the president after the session had ended 45 minutes earlier.

The state protocol moved from the parliament ceremony to the handing of the keys to the Presidency from Ilir Meta to Bajram Begaj. The two presidents happened to be dressed in the same colors. Begaj took his time this time and paid special attention to the Albanians in the region.

“I will be a servant of my people, a representative of our national unity, and a strong supporter of the Euro-Atlantic trip for all Albanians living and working in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, the Presheva Valley, and wherever they live and work,” Begaj stated.

Even in the president’s comments, the soldier’s profile stood out. “In carrying out my mandate, I will always pay close attention to the issue of national security in close collaboration with all actors charged by the law.”

Unlike the previous five years, the country will now have a first lady, with whom Begaj joined the Presidency hand in hand with his two sons.

The majority proposed the election of Bajram Begaj as President following Edi Rama’s public statement that the country should have a normal president, which appears to have been reflected in the president’s address.