Ilir Meta received by Kosovo President in his last official visit as President of Albania

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Kosovo was the destination of Ilir Meta’s final official visit as President. The President committed to do more for Kosovo as soon as he leaves office.

“My only regret is that I could have done more to help Kosovo if my country had experienced fewer internal problems during these five years. But I assure you that beginning July 25th, I will do many times more. We have had and will continue to have wonderful ties with you and all of Kosovo’s institutions. I am confident that Albania’s newly elected President will carry on this very positive tradition “, said Meta during a press conference alongside his colleague, Vjosa Osmani.

The President did not go without recalling the Kosovo conflict: “Coming to Pristina yesterday, I was reflecting on the first four weeks of the situation in Kukes following the start of NATO intervention on March 24, the day I turned 30 and was fortunate not to celebrate where I had intended. Albania’s budget was disastrous, and in the most difficult and seemingly hopeless moments, the Kuksians’ nobility shone brightly, even for those who were not backed by the state. It’s been an incredible week. There is no challenge that cannot be conquered.”

Vjosa Osmani, the President of Kosovo, has praised President Ilir Meta for his efforts to preserve the interests of Kosovo citizens. At a press conference following the meeting with the Albanian head of state, Osmani stressed that he has been Kosovo’s voice in critical situations.

“Kosovo has been and will continue to be your second home, so please come. Our countries signed 19 accords a month ago. It is more than vital that they be put into action in order to increase cooperation even further. Our priorities are the consolidation of our status as an independent state and the rule of law. Our stated goal continues to be EU and NATO membership. Kosovo is preparing to apply for candidate nation status in the EU by the end of this year. Kosovo has a strong European orientation, and it will continue to be on the right side of history, as it is today, through difficult times for our continent. We are committed to promoting peace and stability. Many elements bind Kosovo and Albania together, but the Euro-Atlantic future is the most important. When Kosovo joins this alliance, the region’s security, peace, and stability will improve. Thank you on behalf of all citizens for your assistance to Kosovo. Today marks the 12th anniversary of the International Court of Justice’s decision on Kosovo’s independence, which established the country’s independence and territorial integrity. This initiative will be defended at any costs. Thank you for being there for us in all of these ways “.