Albanian Parliament passed “National Registry of People Convicted of Sexual Crimes” law

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The Albanian Parliament has passed the bill on the “National Registry of Convicted Sexual Crimes,” which brought together representatives from both the majority and opposition parties.

Ogerta Manastirliu, Minister of Health and Social Protection, stated in her address that this law creates a communication platform between state organizations and communities, with the goal of protecting future victims and avoiding offenders’ activities, therefore limiting physical or virtual contact.

In her statement, the Minister of Health and Social Protection indicated that more than 2,300 children at risk were supported by social protection programs in 2021, with more than 70 children being placed in care.

Evis Kushi, Minister of Education and Sports, has stated that the law establishing a national register of persons convicted of sexual offences will be correctly implemented throughout the education system.

She added that they had previously indicated their position as educational institutions. Last year, in response to a specific case that sparked public outcry, Kushi signed an order prohibiting all individuals previously convicted of committing any form of criminal offense against minors or educational institutions from applying for and bidding for teacher positions.