Varhelyi: Dedicated to bringing the entire region into the EU. This day marks a significant step in that direction

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Oliver Varhelyi, the Commissioner for Enlargement, reiterated the European resolve to get the entire region into the EU even though the accession negotiations between Albania and North Macedonia and the European Union began today. Today, he claimed, is a crucial step in fulfilling this goal.

“We are starting membership talks with North Macedonia and Albania. The Western Balkans continue to be our top priority despite the shifting geopolitical landscape. More than ever, we are dedicated to integrating the entire region into the EU. We are moving forward with this pledge significantly today,” tweeted Varhelyi.

The first intergovernmental political conference with North Macedonia is being held today. To be here today, it took a lot of effort. I’m eager to work with you to achieve our shared goal of getting North Macedonia into the EU. The Western Balkans in the EU,” the commissioner continues.