Rama: Every step in the negotiations, opportunities to progress with aspects of our country’s life

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In a joint press conference with the European Union Commissioner for Enlargement and Good Neighboring, Olivér Várhelyi, and the Czech Republic’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Lipavsk, Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that “every step in the negotiations is an opportunity to advance aspects of the country’s life.”

“The demand to initiate proceedings against corrupt judges is a long-standing request of the European Union, which is consistent with the request of the Albanian people, who firmly supported the judicial reform, including the vetting and the punishment of those who sold and purchased the justice. I’ve learned how the EU operates, how everything written becomes part of the commission’s memory, and how what is spoken today is not forgotten tomorrow “Rama stated.

“Every stage in the negotiations is an opportunity to develop areas of the country’s life,” the prime minister stated.

Jan Lipavsk, Czech Foreign Minister, stated: “The Czech Republic has benefited greatly from EU enlargement and the integration of the Western Balkans. We welcome and encourage Albania to align its foreign and security policies with those of the EU. We anticipate that the essential reforms will be carried out in order to finalize EU membership. The negotiations will take place within the context of a general negotiating framework. Albania must carry out critical changes in areas such as the rule of law, human rights, and the strengthening of democratic institutions “.

According to Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi: “This historic decision sends a powerful signal to the Western Balkans, confirming the EU’s enlargement policy’s relevance. A new adventure begins today, eight years after the candidate country’s status. My message to Albanians is straightforward: we want you to be a member of the European family. There is no question about that. We will infuse additional credibility and dynamism into the negotiations with Albania beginning today. We will make certain that Albania is fully prepared to join the European family “.