North Macedonian Parliament passed “French Proposal”, Rama, Varhelyi and Scholz react

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The French proposal was adopted by the Parliament of North Macedonia with 68 votes “for” and no votes “against,” as opposition MPs boycotted the vote.

After three days of arguments and the clamor of the opposition’s vuvuzelas in the hall, the Macedonian government was able to gain the votes, paving the way for the country’s path to European integration.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama responded immediately after the North Macedonian Assembly approved the French plan with 68 votes in favor. “There are no longer any hurdles to Albania’s admission in the European Union,” he says.

“The latest French plan has just been approved by the North Macedonian Parliament. Albania’s ludicrous blocking has come to an end. It took three arduous years from the European Council’s decision-making to clear the ground for negotiations, and for the succession of artificial impediments constructed in front of Albania to be totally removed. 3 years of back and forth games in the areas of internal political interests of the member countries – not to mention the tyrants of the motherland, grata and non grata, who all these years left no stone unturned to block Albania for the miserable interests of their politics without religion, homeland, religion, or faith. Three years of unrelenting horrors, from the earthquake to the virus, and now the effects of Ukraine’s conflict over the expense of life here and everywhere else. These enormous challenges have tested not just the administration, but also our character as a country, a community of people, and, of course, as a ruling majority “Rama says on Facebook.

In his message, the Prime Minister stated that the government had once again succeeded, as it had done during the earthquake and pandemic.

“Here we are once more! We will succeed in the new crisis caused by the war, as well as in the discussions to become Albania a member of the European Union, just as we did in the earthquake and epidemic, when nearly no one expected us to. Despite the EU’s unfulfilled promises, we achieved it without slowing down the pace of reforms, work, and progress. We will succeed by picking up the pace, improving the effort, and deepening the shift even further. We achieved it without being defeated by the disappointments or minor injuries of the previous years. We will succeed if we continue to learn and are not afraid to rectify ourselves. We came here with our heads held high, able to elevate Albania in the eyes of the greatest to a place it has never been before, regarded and respected as an equal in every international connection. But, don’t forget, this is not the conclusion of our journey, but rather the start of a new chapter for the Albania we love “, according to the Prime Minister.

Rama goes on to say that “the Albanian delegation will travel on Monday in Brussels to begin this new chapter, beginning membership negotiations.”

“We will succeed at the top of this new phase of endeavors by connecting more closely with Albanians and aiming with new forces at the top, where we will adhere to what makes Albania unique. Thank you to everyone that encourages, encourages, teases, and stimulates my life with your remarks. Thank you to all the Albanians who have entrusted us, the socialists and progressives, with this historic mission for Albania, and also to those who by not voting us, have made us more militant and tenacious for our country”, according to Rama’s statement.

Varhelyi: First intergovernmental conference will be conducted on Tuesday

The European Union’s Commissioner for Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, praised the Assembly of North Macedonia’s decision and stated that the first intergovernmental session would take place on Tuesday.

“I am pleased with the outcome of today’s vote, which provides a clear mandate for the Government to hold the First Intergovernmental Conference based on the French plan. We are looking forward to the start of accession talks with North Macedonia on Tuesday, when we will meet in Brussels. Macedonia is a member of the European Union “Varhelyi says on Twitter.

“We want you to be EU members,” responses to the opening of the door to integration for Albania and North Macedonia

The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, hailed the North Macedonian Parliament’s approval of the French plan, which prepares the way for Albania and North Macedonia to join the European Union.

“I applaud the Macedonian parliament’s vote, which clears the way for the first EU meetings with North Macedonia and Albania. We love you as European Union members and will be at your side every step of the road “Scholz expressed his thoughts on Twitter.

Even the European Union’s head of foreign policy, Joseph Borell, reacted on Twitter: “The Parliament of North Macedonia voted in support of starting negotiations, in favor of our shared European destiny. A critical step on North Macedonia and Albania’s European road, at a time when we must remain united in the face of common challenges “.