Serbian Patriarch in Kosovo: We must be brothers with Albanians

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“When we come here, we know that we have returned to ourselves, because this is Kosovo and Metohija; it is our birthplace, it is where we have our origin, and it is where we were born.”

This is what Serbian patriarch Porfirije proclaimed from Gracanica during the ceremony commemorating the Battle of Fushe Kosov.

Despite these nationalist aspirations, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church has stated that coexistence with Albanians is vital, and has urged for peace and love between them.

“Because we live here alongside Albanians, we are called to be brothers with them. Only through community can we be in God’s way, that we are all needed for each other, that no one can do anything without anybody else, and that understanding this is crucial because we have the experience of our history. Let us not allow others to teach us about this,” Patriarch Porfirije emphasized.