19 agreements signed by Albania and Kosovo on the 8th inter-government meeting

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The eighth summit of the governments of Kosovo and Albania concluded today in Pristina with the signing of 19 agreements in various fields. It included, among other things, the elimination of the border during the summer, state holidays, and weekends, as well as the opportunity to compete and study at 19 colleges in both states on equal terms.

The following are the terms of the signed agreement:

  1. EDUCATION: Equal opportunity to compete and study at 19 universities in both nations.

2-3. FREE MOVEMENT: Full facilitation of free movement between the two countries.

  1. CIVIL STATUS: Notification of changes in civil status between two countries in real time.
  2. CUSTOMS: Research the feasibility of establishing a combined customs system between the two countries.
  3. SOCIAL INSURANCE: The integration of the two countries’ social security markets.

7-8. ENERGY: Increasing supply security and diversification (construction of an LNG / liquefied gas facility in Vlora).

9-10. AGRICULTURE: Increasing agricultural product interchange, quantity, and quality, as well as access to EU funds and the development of a combined information/statistics system for the two nations.

  1. ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE: Study into cross-border road improvements.
  2. Movement: Feasibility study for the development of the Durres-Prishtina railway line, a project that will place Kosovo and Albania on the map of significant international routes for people and commodities transport.

13-14. HEALTHCARE: Exchange of medical expertise and services, as well as harmonization of pharmaceuticals and medical device protocols between the two countries (exchange of rare drugs).

  1. TOURISM: The two countries’ joint digital platform for tourism promotion.
  2. YOUTH: Exchanging ideas on how to improve policies and programs for young people.
  3. PROTECTION: Increased collaboration and consolidation of operations in mountain rescue and territorial waters.
  4. JUSTICE: Equal recognition of the bar exam and allowing the legal profession to practice in both countries.
  5. JOINT ENCYCLOPEDIA: Aiming to portray our country’s facts in a single dignified book.