New regulation on financial autonomy of hospitals legalizes private activity of doctors after official hours.

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Under present law, hospitals will gain financial and managerial autonomy after 18 years. The Ministry of Health’s new legislation initiative, which is currently being debated in the parliament, aims to allow these institutions to control their own finances and seek chances to self-finance services within the hospital. But what are the benefits of changing the hospital law for citizens?

Ogerta Manastirliu, Minister of Health, stated that the law allows doctors to work privately in the hospital after hours. The Ministry of Health will approve the costs and fees for consultations outside of the referral system.

“We will be able to have more doctors inside our hospitals to care for patients considerably more, even after hours.” It will provide patients with more direct access to services who choose to have outpatient consultations outside of the referral system. And, of course, this is based on approved costs and tariffs, according to the methodology specified by law, and that we are working on in accordance with the bylaws that will be issued immediately following the ratification of the new hospital care law by the Albanian Parliament.

The Fier Memorial Hospital will be the first to use the new concept of hospital autonomy. All hospitals that use the new funding model will be required to undergo accreditation.