Lenercic: I hope Rama’s request for Albania’s membership in the EU civil protection mechanism union becomes a reality

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Albania envisions joining the EU civil protection mechanism union. Prime Minister Edi Rama announced the news during a press conference with the EU Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenercic, to whom he presented the application for membership. The head of government hailed the civil protection union for its assistance to Albania following the earthquake, pandemic, and fires.

“The commissioner returned to Albania today with extremely excellent news. It is related to Albania’s accession to the EU civil protection mechanism union. We also obtained assistance from this mechanism last year for fires involving airplanes from this method. Europe established and is improving this framework in order to jointly address climate change and its repercussions in our environment. But it is also for grave emergencies such as those in Ukraine. This system covers anything that isn’t a weapon, from food to fuel. Given our continued demands, Albania’s membership in the European Union of civil protection is a big milestone and relief for us. It is not just about receiving but also about giving.”

Commissioner Lenercic, for his part, emphasized that Albania has relied on EU assistance in all circumstances.

“It’s great to be in Albania. I recently accepted the position of commissioner. The first expedition was here in Albania, following the 2019 earthquake. Even though there was a larger fire in Sazan a week ago, I arrived today in better circumstances. The earthquake and fires, in both circumstances at the request of the Albanian side, triggered the EU mechanism immediately. The aid provided was activated, with planes from Greece being dispatched to put out fires in Sazan. Albania has always relied on EU cooperation. Prime Minister Rama presented me the official request for Albania to join the EU civil defense, and I fully support your ambition. I’m hoping that this desire comes true. Albania will be able to rely on other countries while also demonstrating solidarity: “We will continue our work, and I am offering you an orientation that we must complete by cooperating with one another.”