Historians still influenced by politics as regards Albania’s Communist era

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Researchers, academics, and primarily connoisseurs of the history of communist Albania point out historical errors at a conference of the Institute of History. How history is written, by whom, and if we will be able to decommunistize it through the publishing of fresh facts is a challenging mission, but it must begin with debate.

It is true that the history of Albania is written from the state budget; nevertheless, funding or dependence on power is not viewed as a positive relationship to rewriting history without political subtleties. In fact, during this discussion, the politics of the moment were inserted in parallel with the written history.

One of the difficulties raised during this meeting addressing historical truths, particularly during the communist time, was Albania’s incapacity to interpret, delegate, or represent its issues. As a result, one of the Institute of History’s tasks has been and continues to be the disclosure of new facts and documents that must be declassified in order to reveal the dark side of history that lies in the file.