Vuçiç thanks Rama: Without him, the Open Balkans could not survive

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic praised Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama for his commitment to the continuation of the Open Balkans program.

“I’d like to thank Rama, who has always been strong. Even when pressed to abandon the Open Balkans, he has refused. Without his dedication, the Open Balkans could not survive,” Vucic said at a news conference following the signing of four agreements between Albania, Serbia, and northern Macedonia.

“The Open Balkans began as the idea of three persons, but it now belongs to a growing number of people. Come to Ohrid by automobile and walk through customs to observe the difference, where a simple sign says the Green Corridor of the Open Balkans, which represents a huge liberation for all those who transport their sweat products “Prime Minister Rama stated.

He urged Kosovo to join the project once more. “The Open Balkans never comes to a halt. Anyone who opposes it will be disappointed. Whoever hesitates will waste valuable time in taking advantage of this initiative. We are here, and we shall remain here.”