Changes in taxation, the initiative is opposed by freelancers and accountants

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Lawyers, notaries, accountants, auditors, and all other free professions will almost certainly be taxed on their profits beginning next year, contrary to what has taken place in the last two years.

“It would target people who currently open firms and provide services to other businesses by avoiding the payment of taxes,” Minister Ibrahimaj stated on May 16.

This argument, however, does not convince the self-employed, for whom taxation may be similar to that applied to wages.

“Every initiative undertaken by the government has the goal of filling the state coffers, this is normal; the problem is that when deciding the method of taxation and the types of professions that should be taxed and in what way, then there should be a moment of dialogue to find the most stimulating form to help these professionals,” says Fatjon Softo, of the Association of Freelancers, for A2 CNN.