The Ukrainian psychologist helping her countrymen from Albania

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She’s been in Shkodra for about two months after fleeing the fighting in her village. Daryna Levshenko, 30, of Ukraine, now lives next door to her brother-in-family law’s after her sister married a man from Shkodra. Although she lives a peaceful and comfortable life, her daily thoughts are with her family in Ukraine, where they are assisting those in need of food and clothing.

Daryna, on the other hand, has never ceased assisting her people, even from five thousand miles away, by doing what she does best: psychiatric counseling, not just for her clients, but also for individuals who are terrified and have suffered losses or trauma from conflict. “I’m working with patients in Ukraine who need my counsel,” Daryna explains.

When you ask her how she feels in Shkodra, she gives you a very genuine and profound response. “I feel really comfortable and safe in this country.”

While she wishes for the conflict to stop as soon as possible, she plans to bring her family and friends to Shkodra. She wasted no time in starting to learn the first words in Albanian.