Unjustly closed market, women trying to balance scales in employment

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Julia, a young student who is currently studying programming, is similarly certain that the employment market will not close unfairly.

The expectation that the labor market will no longer discriminate on the basis of gender has encouraged many young women to pursue careers that were traditionally regarded as “boys’ professions” up until quite recently.

The pressing need that businesses have for personnel is another factor that is influencing the breaking of this taboo. And in point of fact, Albania is not the only country to have this issue.

Nevertheless, the truth of the current employment market is that it is not so equitable. The necessity of change is not going away any time soon.

According to information provided by the Institute of Statistics in Albania, the rate of unemployment among females is higher than that of boys. There is a disparity in wages as well, with men being paid more than women for doing jobs with equivalent requirements.