Trust in economy dropping once again, with commerce and industry the most pessimistic

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Business confidence in the economy has been harmed by the price problem. According to the most recent Bank of Albania study, confidence in the corporate economy fell again in April. The main exceptions are the building industry and people, who appear to be more optimistic.

Industry, services, and trade all expect a challenging environment. This was driven by the lower performance of the components relating to business performance, demand for services, and contract ordering.

Businesses in these industries are gloomy about the future in terms of activity performance as well as the employment index.

Despite the price increases, the consumer position is improving. They are more positive about large-scale purchases in the future, as well as their financial status and the overall state of the economy.

Trust in economics is crucial because it reflects economic agents’ perceptions and expectations, on which their decisions are based. Falling confidence indicates that now is not the time for firms or citizens to spend or invest.