Europe Fair, EU assistance in Albania’s industrial and development sectors

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The European Union exposition will be open for one week in the capital. Many areas in Albania benefit from EU assistance, despite the fact that it is not yet a member state.

Albania is not a member of the European Union, but as a candidate country, it is still receiving funding in a variety of industries, with a focus on young people, professionals, and those with an investment proposal. Meliha Zyberaj of Vaui I Dejs, with the help of Europe, preserves the needlework legacy alive by employing dozens of women in this industry.

Another key source of assistance is the Erasmus + education programs, through which many students are educated in Europe and bring their experience back.

Europe is likewise focusing on technology. Despite its poor performance in comparison to the rest of the region, Albania maintains its efforts.

The European Union’s most challenging problem is to keep Albanian young in the countryside to invest in rural development. There is also a fundraising project for this.

Throughout the week, individuals will be given more information on what Europe expects from Albania.