Albanian agriculture in difficulty, Vuksani: The solution not with boards, but with support

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The Ukraine conflict has triggered a global food-growth crisis. The UN has issued a warning that 40 million people globally are on the verge of hunger. Agriculture in our country is in serious trouble due to rising commodity costs. Professor Gjok Vuksani stated in the “Our Day” studio that to this issue has been added a 10% VAT on all agricultural items entering the nation, which was zero a year ago, as well as compensation.

“The situation is becoming tougher as prices rise. What is certain is the massive increase in food prices and agricultural production costs since the price of oil, increase in agricultural input prices, all raw materials in agriculture, increase in gas, and we will see an increase in electricity. There is an additional charge. To combat the issue, we have imposed a 10% VAT on all agricultural items entering the nation, which were zero a year before. The government has abolished agricultural product compensation, farmers do not receive any VAT on agricultural products, and we have implemented a gas tax, adding to the whole cost of the situation.”

Vuksani recommends that under these circumstances, rather than establishing boards, agriculture should be supported and subsidized. According to him, a responsible administration should consider growing agricultural production because our country has the terrain and conditions to produce and enter the open market.

“To lower agricultural product prices and open up the market. Agriculture accounts for 40% of all tax revenues in the EU; we must support it to compete with our neighbors. We are receiving virtually little assistance. In times of crisis, a prudent government should consider raising agricultural production; we have numerous options. Tourism and agriculture are two railroads. “With products, we can get ahead of our neighbors.”