Senior citizens unable to join “digital revolution” as most government services go online only

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“Just a click away…” It is with this phrase that the government is launching what Prime Minister Edi Rama refers to as a “digital revolution.”

Despite their strong desire, not everyone will be able to participate in this evolution, which intends to serve as the foundation of detachment from the past. But  not those on the eve of retirement. Emire Selimi from Burrel is one of them: “I’m not sure how I’m going to do it, I’ll go to some internet cafe…”

Shpresa and Mirela are likewise nearing the end of their careers. They must submit their pension files on the government platform e-Albania in order to get the monthly payment after more than 40 years of service. Representatives of the Social Insurance Institute understand the people’ concerns. “We recognize that not everyone is skilled at using technology,” explains Astrit Hado.

But there is always a solution, and it always begins with the family: “It is better to seek the assistance of children than to go to the office.”

As of May 1, 54 Social Insurance Institute services are now solely available “online.” Persons getting assistance due to financial difficulties or disability, in addition to those of retirement age, must complete online paperwork.