Ukrainian President holds live speech during Albanian Parliament session

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Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, delivered a video greeting to Albanian lawmakers in the Albanian Parliament on Tuesday.

The Ukrainian president discussed the country’s condition, as well as the necessity for more humanitarian aid and munitions for the army to repel Russian attacks.

“Muslims celebrated Eid yesterday. I wish you a happy holiday season. Russia has turned every day of our lives into a lethal threat. A 14-year-old boy died in the city of Odessa. Ukrainians lose their children every day. A memorial service for the journalist killed by a Russian missile is being held today. One-fifth of all residences in Khrakiv have already been demolished. Invaders frequently refuse to let us bury the dead.  Thank you for your concrete actions in support of Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, the President of Ukraine has urged Albania to reduce the number of Russian visitors in our country this summer.

“I ask you you to close the ports to Russian ships and restrict tourist arrivals. You never know who might be entering the country; it could be a Bucha assassin or a Mariupol executioner,” Zelensky added.

“Ukraine and Albania made the decision to pursue democracy and European integration decades ago. We didn’t stray from the path we were on. We are all committed to the advancement of freedom and the creation of a united Europe. And I am confident that when the time comes to vote on Ukraine’s EU membership, your vote will be in our favor.

I’m confident that presently everyone in the globe is revealing their genuine nature. Someone who is large in stature yet too small when it comes to bravery. And while someone may be insignificant on the map, kindness is one of the most important. Albania, thank you! Zelensky wrote, “Thank you for your kindness.”

Prime Minister Edi Rama reacted to Ukrainian President Viktor Zelenky’s speech at the Albanian Parliament.

Albania will contribute to the Donors’ Conference for Ukraine, which will take place on May 5, according to the head of government.

“Since the first hour of the aggression on Ukraine, not only ourselves, but the entire Albanian nation has stood by you with all our hearts and souls, doing whatever we can. We are a small country with limited resources to assist you. Albania can be beneficial to Ukraine at the NATO table as well as the UN Security Council. We will be present at the Donors’ Conference on May 5 and will make a small contribution. Your perseverance and photos of this tragedy are extreme sacrifices made by a freedom-loving people, but they are also a service you are doing to the sleeping democratic world,” Rama added.