New ethic code for government Ministers, meeting businessmen is now prohibited

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In the new regulations of the Prime Minister Edi Rama for the ministers of his cabinet, it is predicted that they will be barred by law to meet with businesspeople and can not accept tickets provided by private persons and corporations or to frequent pubs and restaurants during the days of work.

Specifically, ministers are barred from gambling and must abide by traffic restrictions. If a cabinet member commits one of these breaches, he or she should either apologize publicly or be dismissed immediately.

The new Code of Ethics allows meeting with business groups only in the presence of two public servants, and ministers will not fly with “Bussines Class” throughout Europe, use the VIP lounge of the airport or work car for family members, at the moment they are not present themselves .

Also, the employees of the administration are prohibited from making immoral and exaggerated activities in bars and restaurants, publish on social networks unsuitable recordings and images of the work environment as well as to frequent indecent environments or to meet with interest groups.