Public administration jobs, 15 applications for vacancies, fewer excellent students in administration

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Everyone wants to work in the public administration, and the number of those who want to do so is increasing. Approximately 1 thousand posts in public administration were posted last year, and over 15 thousand individuals applied for them, resulting in a total of 15 applications for each opening.

But why is there such a high demand for jobs in the public administration?

Excellent students should be given precedence to enter public administration based on merit-preference principles, but this is not the case.

Young students with excellent grades are less likely to be employed in the public administration. Last year, the number of employees in this category fell from 338 in 2019 to 64.

The average age of those who applied for government jobs last year was 30 years old, according to data from the Department of Public Administration. The majority of applications are from girls and women.