Rama: Vlora and Skavica power plants will give Albania energy independence

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Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke about his desire to turn Albania into a net exporter of electricity at a meeting in Tirana with a group of energy sector investors working in the US and EU markets.

“It gives me great pleasure to see how far the work on transforming the Vlora thermo-power plant has progressed. There is a lot of work being done for wind energy, and there is a lot of work being done for the long-awaited Skavica hydropower facility, which will raise the generation of electricity from water by 20%. All of these factors combined suggest that Albania has the potential to become a net energy exporter over the next decade, which is significant for a country like Albania,” Rama added.

“A few days ago, I had the privilege to visit President Aliyev and with joy I felt and witnessed in his words the strong interest that would be included in the Ionian-Adriatic pipeline, which might be another big game changer for our region, but which at the same time could be a new energy source for Europe, to attain gas independence from Russia as soon as possible”.

“We have all seen that the unlawful invasion by Russia of Ukraine has made it evident that energy diversification cannot wait,” US Ambassador Yuri Kim said. “Even last night, we watched how Russia threatened and blocked gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria.” Energy security has always been intertwined with national security, and the current situation only emphasizes this link. The area must work together to come up with innovative solutions to establish a new path forward in terms of energy and climate security.”

“Our project, where one of the main components is the connection of the TAP pipeline with the floating port LNG in Vlora, through the Fier-Vlora pipeline, has attracted the attention of the largest actors in the gas sector, who are located here in this hall,” said Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Belinda Balluku. The introduction of liquefied gas from Vlora into TAP would have been viewed with skepticism until recently. It is not only doable and practicable today, but also the winning key to this initiative, due to the implications of the energy crisis.”

Balluku also voiced the desire to transform Albania into a major contributor to energy security as well as a gas supply center for Europe.