IT professionals join health workers in leaving Albania for better jobs abroad

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Albania is experiencing departures in an area that jeopardizes the country’s creativity and technical advancement, following the outflow of health personnel to Europe’s wealthiest countries.

According to a research by the European Training Foundation (ESF) on the consequences of migration on the labor market in the Western Balkans, over 2,000 young people trained in the field of computer technology have left the nation in the previous five years alone.

“It is more difficult to keep technology professionals than it is to keep doctors. This is due to the remarkable market transformation; 1 million programmers are required in Europe; Europe is aging; and Europe’s eyes are on the Balkans “, says Protik’s IT expert Erion Nako.

But why has this particular group of young people been included in the spirit of emigration?

“The market has improved wages, but there is still no work culture, and there is more space outside the country,” says Erka Cako, a labor market specialist.

In the sphere of information technology, Germany is also the most popular destination for young people. The ESF report’s Albanian title is “Engage or they will leave.”