COVID negatively impacted mental health of children in Albania

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The coronavirus epidemic is also having a severe impact on children’s mental health. Doctors are seeing an increase in mental illnesses in pediatric ages after two difficult years of seclusion and stress from Covid-19. Psychiatrists are discovering depression, communication, learning, and language issues, in addition to increased autism.

Florida Dobi, a psychiatrist and the head of the National Therapeutic Center for Children, encourages parents to be wary of their children’s symptoms.

Following the pandemic, children must resume their normal activities and social lives. The new therapeutic and rehabilitation clinic analyzes and treats children with mental health issues from all around the country.

This center, in addition to daily activities, provides inpatient care for instances requiring extensive therapy.

There is still no clear data on the rise of mental health illnesses, particularly after the epidemic.

However, one in every 50 children worldwide has autistic spectrum disorders, one in every three children has communication and language impairments, and one in every ten children has depressive disorders.