Health Minister: Covid restrictions not lifted without having massive vaccination

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The coronavirus pandemic is winding down, but the formal relaxation of anti-covid measures appears to be a long way off.

Ogerta Manastirliu, Minister of Health, confirmed to A2 CNN that the restrictions would not be lifted unless immunization rates in the public are boosted.

“Other countries that have taken steps to eliminate all restrictions have extremely high immunization rates, ranging from 80 to 90 percent. As a result, we must continue to be immunized “Manastirliu stated.

One of the limits that the Committee of Experts has retained is the requirement to wear the mask indoors. In reality, it is only a paper measure. Masks are no longer worn by individuals or their elected members in parliament.

Images from the daily operations of politics, whether in government or opposition, reveal that we have returned to our former selves. The mask, let alone social distancing, is no longer worn by any of the MPs. However, on the eve of the tourist season, no decision on the immunization certificate has been made. Some countries have already lifted the restriction in order to prioritize tourism and economic development. “We feel that this decision must be made with great care, as we must emphasize that the preservation of citizens’ health comes first. Vaccination is also critical for the elimination of measures,” the minister stated.

As the number of daily infections decreases, fewer and fewer citizens are relying on the anti-covid vaccine. Albania continues to have low vaccine coverage, with only 60% of the population over the age of 16 receiving the first dose. While just 12% of the target population administered the third dose.

The Committee of Experts is debating the fourth dose for risk categories, but even this initiative does not appear to increase the population’s vaccination rate. If the Ministry of Health keeps the immunization measures withheld, the Committee of Experts will continue to issue decisions, none of which are being implemented outside their office.