Energy from “Floating Thermo Centrals”, experts: Pollutes air, negative on tourism

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Vlora and a portion of the country will be supplied with energy during the peak tourist season by two ships stationed in Triport.

“Floating Thermo Central Plants,” a forced choice of the government due to the crisis, will generate up to 114 MW/H of power, or up to 15% of the country’s demands.

The average cost per megawatt will be roughly 150 euros, which is half the price Albania currently pays for imported electricity.

This model is not only improper, but it can also have consequences, according to specialists in the field.

“This is often a crisis model, with severe environmental and economic difficulties, and is mostly unsustainable,” says environmental specialist Mihallaq Qirjo.

The ecology and the summer tourism season are also affected.

“It is a tourist destination in the summer, and the evaluation of the environmental impact for such industrial undertakings should be done with additional care,” says the expert.

According to the government, the commissioning of the Vlora Thermo Central will be preceded by the production of electricity by these thermo-central ships.