17 cruise ships to dock in Durres, as well as yachts and sailboats

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After two rough years as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, in which the cruise industry was among the most damaged, the industry is projected to return to full capacity this summer.

According to Tauland Allka, the captain of the Port of Durres, the number of large tourist vessels that can come in Durres this year is 20, with 17 of them already booked.

“The cruise industry has been one of the hardest hit by the epidemic, and these two years have been on the verge of extinction. This year, with the easing of limitations, they will operate at full capacity, and the number of visitors to the port of Durres will climb”, he says.

A considerable number of yachts and sailboats are projected to dock in Durres, in addition to cruises, given the lodging conditions and other amenities already provided by the port of Durers.

Meanwhile, on the Albanian coast, the port of Saranda has so far registered the highest number of tourist boats stopping during the summer season.