Sanctions in the Balkans, Robelli: A Certificate of Misery from Washington

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In the Debate, Tagesanzeiger journalist Enver Robelli claimed that the recent US Treasury penalties against some Balkan leaders and businesses were a certificate of misery demonstrating that the governments of these entire countries had not fought crime and corruption.

According to Robelli, a blacklist does not solve problems, but rather urges society to be cautious about the people they choose to govern.

“This is a certificate of misery that Washington is issuing to the region, since it demonstrates that our governments have been unwilling for years to confront organized crime and corruption, to imprison or punish individuals accused of wrongdoing.  This is a time for citizens to consider which politicians they will vote for. This is a discussion that our society needs to have. The US has threatened that it will take measures against several regional politicians. This is a signal that society should move forward. However, a black list does not fix the problems,” Robelli pointed out.