Former Environment Minister remains in prison after Supreme Court ruling

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Lefter Koka remains in prison by the latest Supreme Court ruling. The former Environment Minister, charged by SPAK with “power abuse,” “corruption,” and “money laundering” for the construction of the Elbasan incinerator, petitioned the Supreme Court on January 2nd to repeal the Special Appeal’s “prison arrest” order.

A criminal panel of the High Court decided not to accept Koka’s request to the Appeal Court’s ruling, so maintaining the sanction against him. On the other hand, Lefter Koka, who has been imprisoned since December 16, is subject to another security measure known as “arrest in prison” in connection with the investigation of the Fier incinerator.

Alqi Bllako, a former Socialist Party lawmaker, was detained together with the administrators of the concession businesses, Klodian Zoto and Stela Gugallja.