Ukrainian athletes received in Albania

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This Wednesday, eight Ukrainian athletes arrived in Albania. They were welcomed by the Albanian Olympic Committee at the “Mother Teresa” airport, where they were able to express all of the horror they had witnessed in Ukraine while leaving due tothe emergency situation.

“I’m exhausted. It’s a terrifying situation. My family remains in the area. I couldn’t speak with them, and I’m not sure how they’re doing. I’d like them to come here as well, but my grandmother is a patriot of the country, so she’ll stay. I’m hoping this is the last of it. Thousands of people have died, including family members and now friends. It’s an unbelievable circumstance,” said discus thrower Maria Larine.

“A lot of people have died. We’re concerned about our family. They are currently in Ukraine. They are in an area where the danger is minimal, but I am concerned nonetheless. We’re not used to being apart. Thank you, Albania, for your hospitality. I can’t wait to get back to normal life. I read about Albania on the internet and I know there are mountains and the sea, which is exactly what we need right now,” said Valentin Lobado, a high jump athlete.

Fidel Ylli, head of the Albanian National Olympic Committee, has stated that the athletes will receive full support in order to practice under optimal conditions. Athletes will be housed in Elbasan, where they will develop and train in their respective sports.