Avian bird flu, more than 1000 wild pelicans in Prespa have been dying for a month

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On Tuesday, the Ministry of Agriculture announced the discovery of a new outbreak of bird flu infection. According to Deputy Minister Ermira Gjeçi, avian influence was also discovered on dead pelicans in Lake Prespa. Representatives of organizations dedicated to the conservation of this species claim that the deaths in this region, which have already numbered in the thousands, began much earlier.

“The deaths in Lake Prespa began approximately three weeks or a month ago, and the numbers were devastating; the situation was unprecedented. This year’s totals exceed 1100-1200 “, according to Joni Vorpsi, PPNEA researcher.

According to experts, the discovery of influenza in migratory birds considerably raises the possibility of the virus spreading to domesticated birds. “Birds are migratory, they don’t know borders, and the virus spreads very easily as a result.”

The death of curly pelicans in Lake Prespa on the Albanian side, took place after the verification of the bird virus in this species in Greece and Northern Macedonia.