Brussels criticizes Kosovo and gives Serbia time to align its stance with EU regarding Russia

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The European Union condemns Kosovo while praising Serbia. This was due to the Serbian legislative and presidential elections on April 3 and Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s unwillingness to accept the QUINT countries’ proposal to enable Kosovo Serbs to vote.

The EU spokesman, Peter Stano, did not reveal the concrete idea, but did imply that it was about physical voting places on Kosovo’s territory, as in past cases.

“We now expect Kosovo and Serbia to refrain from acts and statements that could escalate tensions,” he added. “We also ask on both sides to act responsibly and constructively in the current negotiations within the context of the EU-facilitated conversation.”

Kosovo has agreed to allow Serbs with dual citizenship to vote in the elections on April 3 only by mail or at the liaison office in Pristina. However, this is deemed insufficient for Brussels.

The spokesman stated that the EU would not impose penalties on Serbia because it has not yet criticized Russia’s takeover of Ukraine, giving it time to conform with global views.