Biberaj: Basha is Berisha’s investment, but belongs to the past

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Aleksander Biberaj, one of the Democratic Party’s founders, sees the prospect of reuniting the Democrats following Lulzim Basha’s decision to retire, though this decision is not genuine for him.

“Basha’s resignation is devoid of sincerity. You cannot do it and appoint someone else. This can occur when the leader dies or becomes ill, rather than when he resigns, which shows that he is not a leader. He needed to bring the PD together. “Basha from yesterday belongs to the past, and the Democrats must establish a line of reunification,” he asserted on “Debate.”

For Basha, the possibility of remaining in the party structures is simply theoretical. “No one wants to remove Basha from the Democratic Party; he is still the Democratic Party’s MP, but I’m not sure what contribution he can make after 9 years.” He has never gotten votes; instead, they have been given to him.”

Biberaj is harsh in his assessment of the leadership that surrounded Basha until March 6. “Everyone who has worked with Basha has been a serial loser, including Alibeaj, who has endured losses since Mallakastra.

But, according to him, the obligations do not belong only to Basha.

“Basha was Berisha’s investment, and he had to get rid of it. In the second term, I was critical of him, but that is now a closed chapter.”

He claims he will vote for the previous prime minister. “Of course, I have ambitions, as do many politicians. I attempted in 2013, but was denied. This is a different matter, but I will undoubtedly vote for Mr. Sali Berisha in the upcoming elections “Biberaj said.