Former Deputy PM criticizes government for allowing monopolies in the agricultural input market

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Farmers are currently experiencing significant economic difficulty as a result of dealing with chemical fertilizers in order to cultivate the land. A year ago, agricultural input prices began to increase, reaching all-time highs today.

In an interpellation with the Minister of Agriculture, former Deputy Prime Minister Erion Brace accused the government of allowing monopolies to form in this industry.

According to him, the ratification of the fiscal package in November 2021, which provides for the introduction of VAT at a rate of 10% of the price of inputs, has aided the growth in the price of chemical fertilizers in the market.

In addition to the pressure, the Minister of Agriculture has stated that she is unable to take any more actions to cut the price or regulate the marketplace.

Brace has questioned the national subsidy plan, claiming that it excludes the newest ones and favors those with the fastest computers to apply first.