Stock market, an excuse to raise prices artificially

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When you compare the price of shares on the stock exchange to the price of petrol in the country, it raises serious doubts about price speculation. When looking at the data from the last ten days, it becomes clear that there are major pricing disparities between the foreign and local markets.

The stock market is just a pretext. The “invisible hand,” rather than the worldwide market, controls fuel prices in the country. A simple examination can confirm the practically insane speculation with the prices of oil and gasoline, without eliminating gas. The price of Brent crude oil on the stock exchange was approximately $ 112 a barrel just over a week ago, on March 2. Fuel was traded in the country at a price of 192 lek per liter.

Following a two-day high, the oil price on the stock exchange today reached about 109 dollars per barrel. This considerable drop in the worldwide market was reflected in a minor drop at retail outlets, with oil selling for around 223 lek per liter.

The taxes and tariffs applicable to each liter of oil have not altered during the time period under review. Excise tax is still 37 lek per liter, turnover tax is 27 lek, carbon tax is 3 lek, relicensing is 7 to 10, marking and scaling is 3 lek, pump control is 3 lek, and VAT is 20%.