Fuel prices decreased in Kosovo, following stock market trend

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In Kosovo, the cost of gas has begun to decline. A liter of diesel is currently trading for 1.65 euros, down from its previous day’s price of 1.82 euros. However, there are still some stations who are abusing their position. Oil trading businesses’ executives have predicted that the cost of gas will return to pre-crisis levels of up to 1.35 euros per liter in the near future.

“Prices have declined as a result of increasing production in the United States as a result of the rejection and penalties imposed on Russian exports, which in this case has undoubtedly increased supply in our region and throughout Europe. In addition, the Arab governments have decided to raise output, which has had an immediate impact on the drop in international stock exchanges, including those in our region, which is good news”, said Shkelzen Jusaj, the owner of a fuel company.

Rising costs in Kosovo prompted citizens to go to stores and gas stations and accumulate reserves, fearful that prices will climb even further.

“I notice that there is a significant influx of citizens, and there is also the usual worry that social media has sparked in response to the news from Ukraine, and now from Serbia, regarding the ban on flour and the increase in fuel prices. I feel that the government’s recommendations, which state that there is no need to worry, should be followed”, said one citizen.

In an announcement, Prime Minister Albin Kurti stated that the government is taking steps to assist residents during these difficult times. He reassured citizens that food supplies were available in Kosovo and urged them not to promote panic.