USA activates Special Operations Base in Albania

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The American Special Forces Command in Europe’s Advanced Headquarters is activated in Albania. This headquarters will provide high-level expertise and enable interoperability not only with Albanian Special Forces, but also with those throughout the region.

The establishment of this American base, according to US Ambassador Yuri Kim, shows that Albanian-American ties are stronger than ever.

We hosted “Defender ’21” last year, demonstrating that our security partnership was ready for the next step. And here we are. With the start of the Task Force for the Balkans for the first time in history, Albania will be the foundation of a permanent US military presence, maybe to everyone’s surprise,” said US Ambassador Yuri Kim.

Meanwhile, Minister Peleshi emphasized that “this decision came at the right time, at the height of insecurity and the dire situation that our continent is in.

“Our country has made its stance on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as defined by internationally recognized borders.  Our support for Ukraine has been firm and will continue to be. This assistance includes both political and diplomatic positions, culminating in our activities and positions in the UN Security Council, as well as practical military assistance. Furthermore, whomever calculated that it could divide us in this terrible moment was mistaken, as our Alliance, the EU, and the entire Western Community joined together and are more unified than ever in favor of Ukraine,” Minister Peleshi emphasized.