Albanian President: War in Ukraine used as pretext to abuse fuel prices

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Ilir Meta, the President of Albania, denounced that the prices of oil in our country are being abusively increased with the excuse of the war in Ukraine. 

The Albanian Head of State described this as intolerable, noting that Ukrainians in the conflict buy oil for one euro per liter, while Albanians in peace pay 2.2 euros per liter.

According to the “Global Petrol Price” report dated March 7, 2022, 1 liter of oil in Albania more expensive than in: 1.75 USD / liter in Slovenia, 1.65 USD / liter in Croatia, 1.6 USD / liter in Romania, 1.57 “USD / liter in Serbia, and 1.55 USD / liter in Bulgaria, according to Meta.

“The busive price increase must stop immediately. Greed justified by the war is simply unacceptable”, Meta declared.